Sample of work by Ally Stoyel




People have always said that it's difficult to explain the feeling of falling in love, but not for me. It was all of the things that nobody sees. That was the good stuff. You became everything to me.

When I walk, you are the pavement that cushions my feet. When I sleep, you are the dream that I awake to. In the summer, you are the roots of the trees that shade me with their leafy canopies, and in winter you are the welcome flame of the fire that warms my bones from the chill.

When the sun shines, you are the light that warms my skin. You are every droplet of rain in the spring time that helps the flowers to grow and you are that last orange leaf that clings to the branch in autumn, reminding everyone of the simple beauty of this life.

You are the stars in my night sky, the very oxygen that keeps me alive.

You are the song that only I can hear, and you play on repeat to me, just as you always have, just as you always will.