Sample of work by Ally Stoyel




It was but a new day in my humble abode

I awoke to the sight that my window showed.

The sunlight was gone and so were the trees

I raised hands in prayer and fell to my knees.

The city of stone awaited my advent

While I challenged my thoughts of what a new day meant.


Was their solace to be found in this weary terrain?

The illumination had begun to drain.

When night falls again all will be right

For in the darkness I will see the light.

In my dreams it comes to me

The Garden of Eden so bright, so free.


The divine speaks words of the world beyond this

And from what I am told, this world I can’t miss.

In my dreams I speak to Jehovah

I whisper my thoughts till again it is over.

“Experience has taught me,” I begin to disclose,

“That fear and distrust are all that I know.

I wonder sometimes, if I should believe,

In this place and in you and if you will relieve,


“My mind and my soul from confusing reality.

Are we under your eyes, or are we in fact free?”

“I guess I just wonder, if this is all true,

Or if it’s a test we’re completing for you.”

He always responds in the simplest tone

“What you believe, you have always known.

Innocence won’t ensure a place in my garden

However you will be welcome if you remain ardent.”


I always awake and reflect on this dream

Though scepticism binds me, my faith I’ll redeem.