Sample of work by Ally Stoyel




This wasn’t where I saw myself when I started,

A passenger in your life, a character in your play.

I thought I could have taken you over,

I thought you would have wanted me to stay.


But I suppose I had it coming,

When I gave up leading to follow.

Always walking just one step behind you,

Feeling the cold in your shadow.


I didn’t think I’d ever go this far,

To lose myself so completely.

I told myself I’d never chase you,

When you dismissed me so discreetly.


But I decided to put away my pride,

Even though I knew it wasn’t right.

But now we’re driving through this desert,

And our destination is nowhere in sight.


I can see you staring through the windshield,

But it’s blank behind your eyes.

Not even I could see through you,

Past all of your sincerely told lies.


It’s really no one else’s fault,

Not even yours I suppose.

Because who can I blame but myself,

For all of the wrong turns I chose?


I guess I could turn back to the start,

And somehow try again.

But I’d probably still end up here,

So what’s the difference between now and then?


I guess it wouldn’t bother you,

If I open the door and jump.

But then again I’d be alone,

So I may as well give up.