Samples of work by Ally Stoyel



It was but a new day in my humble abode

I awoke to the sight that my window showed.

The sunlight was gone and so were the trees

I raised hands in prayer and fell to my knees.

The city of stone awaited my advent

While I challenged my thoughts of what a new day meant.



I open my eyes and lift my head, from the prison of dreaming, to waking instead.
I stare at my reflection and see only dust, it’s impossible to move but I know that I must.

I walk through the door to start my day, when I’ll be sober I cannot say.
I throw myself into the daily grind, I can’t seem to function or clear my mind.

I’m tired and worn, spent and confused. Puzzled, perplexed, baffled, bemused.
I blink away the minutes of the garish sun and replay the moments of what I had done.



You fill me with fire and my insides burn,

I know what you are, but I'll never learn.

I see the risk in each menacing glance,

In this game we play, this dangerous dance.



Your hands like ice and eyes like fire. You hunt me, haunt me, take me higher.

When we kiss you suffocate me. I die and you resuscitate me.

I pray to you on the stone cold floor. You make me cry and I beg for more.




This wasn’t where I saw myself when I started,

A passenger in your life, a character in your play.

I thought I could have taken you over,

I thought you would have wanted me to stay.