Sample of work by Ally Stoyel



Your hands like ice and eyes like fire. You hunt me, haunt me, take me higher.

When we kiss you suffocate me. I die and you resuscitate me.

I pray to you on the stone cold floor. You make me cry and I beg for more.

You pull my hair, you scratch my skin. This thirst for you is my lovely sin.

You tighten the ropes and I start to bleed. You understand it’s pain that I need.

This obsession I have cannot be dowsed. I belong here with you in this haunted house.

There’s nothing outside of these crimson walls. Every minute I’m longing to fall.

My need for danger they will never see. Even when I scream they’ll never find me.

Every waking minute is the recommended dose. Set me on fire and hold me close.

Hold my head under or chain me down. Throw away the key and let me drown.

The fear and threat is what I crave. Show me pain and I’ll be your slave.