Q. If I would like a quote, will I need to pay for it?

A. No, you won’t. All quotes are free of charge.


Q. Will I need to meet with you in person to discuss my brief?

A. No, you will not need to meet with me in person unless you would prefer to do so. Otherwise, we can discuss your brief via phone or email.


Q. Once I have received a quote, will I then be obligated to follow through with the job?

A. Absolutely not. All quotes are obligation free. 


Q. If I request a basic change to edited or written text, will I be charged extra?

A. Basic changes will generally not incur an extra charge. You will only be charged extra if the change you are requesting will significantly alter the text, or if it differs to your original brief; however if there is to be any additional charge, you will receive an updated quote prior to the additional work being completed.


Q. Once my job is completed, will it automatically appear on your website?

A. No, your work will not appear as an example on my website unless you have given your consent.


Q. Do you only work within Australia?

A. Although I am located in Melbourne, I work on projects throughout Australia and internationally.