Sample of work by Ally Stoyel




Healthy Balance, Happy Life. That is our philosophy at PB Studio; a philosophy that promotes the idea of holistic health and a balanced lifestyle.

Within our studio, we are dedicated to working towards our personal bests, with particular emphasis on the word personal, because at PB Studio, we understand that each individual has their own specific goals that they are striving for, in order to become the best version of themselves they can be, not the best version of the person on their Instagram feed.

We do not set standards, expectations or unreachable goals.

We do not discriminate, judge or create a hierarchy amongst our members.

We are a community of like-minded people aiming to improve our health and fitness, so that we can feel happier, fitter and more comfortable in our bodies with each passing day. We offer support, knowledge, encouragement, education and above all, we offer an enjoyable and dynamic environment to work on our health and fitness goals together.

We focus on enjoyment, sustainability, longevity and maintaining a positive mindset, abilities that far outweigh the current negative associations around dieting, exercise, food restriction and missing out on the social enjoyment of food.

At PB studio, we aim to change people's ideas of healthy living, to allow them to reach their personal bests, while also having fun, as well as working towards proactive health, rather than reactive health. It's about the day by day as much as the big picture. It is not a short-term fix. It is about adopting a sustainable and consistent way of living that makes you feel great.

Our mission is to create a healthy relationship between exercise and food, emphasising the importance of balancing these two things and fitting them into our lifestyles, while not allowing them to take over completely.

Yes, we should eat healthy 80% of the time and treat ourselves in moderation 20% of the time and yes, we should be more active in our day to day lives, but we should not be obsessed with our weight/the scales/macro calorie counting or over-thinking every meal. We need to get back to basics… Eat healthy, minimally processed food and move more – it’s not rocket science – and above all, have fun every day.

It is not one size fits all and at PB studio, we can help tailor healthy habits and a healthy balance to suit your lifestyle, creating a happier day to day life. You won’t find diets or detoxes in our studio. We are real people, with real bodies, faced with real challenges and striving to achieve real progress, big or small.

Progress never stops, so neither does PB Studio!