Sample of work by Ally Stoyel


BEYOND THE BOUNDS                                                                                                  

The crickets sing and the moon is high. I scour the starry skies in search of you, feeling the warm spring breeze in my hair.

The river whispers and the Spanish Moss droops, shying away from the world, as I inhale slowly, the sweet scent of magnolias invoking you to the front of my mind, bringing a smile to my face.

This is the place where I can always find you. No matter how far away from you I feel, I lie in the grass and open myself up to the world, and there you are, warming my heart and easing my mind.

Troubles dissipate and I’m peaceful, calm, full. The night is full of wonder and my dreams are just a stones throw away.

I imagine that you’re on the road, making your way to me. Cruising down the highway, windows rolled down, with music infusing the night air. Nothing but me on your mind. Your destination.

I would turn my head and open my eyes to see you lying beside me. We wouldn’t speak, just smile, and turn back towards the stars as your hand would find mine and hold on, making me believe you would never let go.

A droplet of warm rain settles on my skin, waking me from my reverie. It’s a beautiful dream. One that will last just long enough for me to wrap myself up in it and hope. Until tomorrow, when I’ll wake, lonely and with an emptiness inside of me that only you can fill.

And then I’ll search for you. Again, I’ll close my eyes and breathe you in, wishing that my needing you like I do would be enough to bring you to me. Who knows… I may never find you, but I’ll never stop searching.