Sample of work by Ally Stoyel


COMING HOME                                                                                                  

I’ve known you for a long time. Even before I met you, I’d seen you. A shadow of you. I’d watch you in my dreams standing before me, just out of reach, and I knew that one day I would find you. I would tell you about all of the nights I’d lain away, willing myself to see your face, to tell you that I missed you, even though we’d never spoken.

I thought about what it would be like to look into your limitless eyes and hear your voice, a voice that I imagined could stop the world from spinning. I was in love with the idea of you and I knew that no one else would ever be enough.

You were a dream, an illusion of something that surely couldn’t exist. Not in this world. And then I met you and everything I had ever imagined was realised, in the smallest of moments.

I drowned in your eyes and I heard your voice… that voice which froze the earth and everything on it except us. You became my miracle. I was wrapped in your magic and you filled every page of my story.

You were already with me before I met you, each piece of you drawn across my skin so that I would never be without you. You are the person, that when I open my eyes in the morning, I hope to see every day for the rest of my life.

You keep my heart warm and my soul alive. You are my greatest adventure and I would never know true grief until I would search for you and find you gone. I see you in the sun and stars. In every drop of rain that caresses my skin.

You are the person who has grown up by my side. You are the wind in the trees and the air in my lungs. You are the very best of me. You are like coming home.

For Jamie.